Football for Change is about using the game of football for social good and uniting our shared passion for the beautiful game to make a real difference in society. Favela united works with the most vulnerable children of our society and uses football as a tool to drive social change:

Favela United is the leading organisation in Mozambique in the field of football for social change. Over the passed years we changed and impacted the lives of 2.000,00+ young people throughout the country together with our local partner organisations.

Our football for change program unites children coming from different disadvantaged communities and street children. These youngsters often grow up in an unstable environment, with very limited training and development opportunities.

Our aim is to provide the youth with the opportunity to create a better future for themselves and their community by teaching them on the pitch about fair play, inclusion and respect – lessons directly transferable to life in general and off the pitch, they participate into our ‘Life Captains’ Educational program.


Life Captains Education Program
Use football as a learning tool to change young lives and give them the basic skills, knowledge and opportunities to become champions of their own destiny.

The Favela United  Life Captain methodology runs like a thread through our program. By incorporating the use of soft skills in our daily football training program we trigger the minds of youth to progressively make positive changes for themselves and to acquire the knowledge and tools to make a difference for their own future.

The program includes weekly educational workshops together with our local partner organisations on Life skills education, youth leadership, team building, health education, SRHR and environment awareness.


Organisation History

Favela United is a Non-Profit Organisation officially registered in the Netherlands and Mozambique. The organisation was founded by Patrick Hoep, former professional football player from SC Heerenveen and the Netherlands national youth team. Favela United launched her first football for change projects in Rio de Janeiro back in 2010. In 2015 Favela United expanded to Mozambique, overwhelmed by the inequality, marginalization and stigmatization that the youth faces in the favela’s, Patrick and his coaches transformed Favela United in more than a football school.

Mission and Approach
Favela United inspires and creates change makers by using the transformational power of football to empower youth from marginalised communities. By offering them professional football and life skills training we provide them with the opportunity to create a better future for themselves and their community.

The Favela United program provides football activities to children with an emphasis on community building, teamwork, fair play, non-competition, gender inclusion, youth leadership and sport skills. The programme is guided by the principles of non-discrimination, best interest of the child, survival, development and protection of the child and finally the participation in line with the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC).

Using football as a vehicle, our aim is to reach 100,000 significantly marginalised children worldwide and give them the basic skills, knowledge and tools to become, champions of their own destiny – Favela United Life Captains.

Every child has the right to play and to join in a wide range of leisure activities. A place where they can learn the soft skills and improve their talents. Our program gives this right space to children, a place where they can improve their skills and education – a place where they feel safe and socially included.



Favela United
Inspires and creates change makers among youth from the marginalized communities we work in.

Life Captains Program
Use football as a learning tool to change young lives

Marginalized young people
Gain new life skills, knowledge and opportunities to become champions of their own destiny.




Sport has the power to change the world…” Nelson Mandela



Dylan Ingham

Chief Marketing Officer at The Student Hotel – Principal Advisor

“I feel my 20+ years’ experience of commercial & non-for-profit brands and associations, many of them global sports give me the opportunity to share this knowledge and use the learnings and contacts to accelerate the impact of Favela United. Also I believe in the founder Patrick and his vision to support lives via the game”.

Vice- Chairman – Secretary

Zabih Etemadi

Lawyer/Partner at LOYR & Managing Partner at SportLife Management B.V.

“As a former professional footballer I share this big passion for the sport with Favela United. Besides that am I still very involved in the football world as a sport lawyer. The possibility for me to make a difference for marginalised youth worldwide drives me to be a part of the Favela United team”.


Raïssa Marteaux

Ministry of Foreign Affairs – Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Côte d’Ivoire

“I’m an entrepreneurial altruist passionately devoted to working with youth. Nothing satisfies me more than contributing to the overall growth of a person, business or organisation. A strong track record of success in the non-profit world (government and NGO) are used to support Favela United. Having paired my passion and experience with a drive to create impact we transform the lives of hundreds”.

Founder / Executive Director

Patrick Hoep

Former football player SC Heerenveen / Netherlands National team U20

“Football changed my life In so many ways. I hope that I can inspire lots of youth and people from the communities to become local change makers for the next generation of children and support them to receive the essential life changing skills, education and tools to create a better future for themselves and their community. By putting all my passion and effort in the work I do, I hope to leave great moments of happiness and success stories for the children and community at large.”