Favela United Mozambique


Favela United is the leading organisation in Mozambique in the field of football for social change. Over the passed years we changed and impacted the lives of 2.000,00+ young people throughout the country together with our local partner organisations.

Our football for change program unites children coming from different marginalized communities. These youngsters often grow up in an unstable environment, with very limited training and development opportunities. Our aim is to provide the youth with the opportunity to create a better future for themselves and their community by offering them daily football for social change activities, educational workshops and youth leadership training.

Since the start of our football program in these communities, more youth are involved in sports, the level of violence in the communities has reduced, there has been a stronger positive connection between the adults and youth in de communities and there is increased awareness about Health, environment, inclusion and gender equality.

Change Makers
Young coaches were trained to implement the social football for change methodologies in their communities. They now use educational sports for development activities to provide daily training to approximately 250 young people in two of the largest marginalized communities of Maputo City.  Bairro da Poalana Caniço and Maxaquene

The long term impact of our work is that we implement a sports for development program that aims to build the leadership skills of young people through quality sports programs. We try to inspire and support them to do something back for the next generation and their community, becoming a change maker. They want to share their passion and give back what they have learned on training and life skills to the next generation. This creates more sport and, on the field, education facilities for more youth coming from these marginalized communities, a safer place for kids to play, learn and grow up.



Favela United is developing three main activities in order to achieve its goals:

Life Captains Educational Program 
Use football as a learning tool to change young lives and give them the basic skills, knowledge and opportunities to become, champions of their own destiny. The FU Life Captain methodology runs like a thread through our program. By incorporating the use of soft skills in our daily football training program we trigger the minds of youth to progressively make positive changes for themselves and to acquire the knowledge and tools to make a difference for their own future. The program includes weekly educational workshops together with our local partner organisations on Life skills education, youth leadership, team building, SRHR education and environment awareness.

Maputo United FFC:
Give the opportunity to young talented football players to have a professional experience and the possibility of developing their skills to become a football professional. Intensive training program in combination with a strong focus on monitoring the social personnel development progress on and off the pitch. Youth also participating in LIFE CAPTAINS Program. The coaches/mentors have a strong relationship with the families and schools of the youth. Three times a year the youth receives a personnel development report during family visits from our coaches. The two youth teams (U15 and U17) playing in the highest youth competition of Mozambique.

Inclusive Sport Events:
Inclusive events related with big sports events, such the World Cup, to give a more impactful experience to those who participate on our programs and to other participants of the event.


Football for change

Copa Favela United