With Favela United we are committed to a fair future for every young person in Mozambique. By embracing them and including them to join our education and football for development activities, we make sure that every young  person’s potential is fulfilled and talent is unlocked.
Favela United is the leading community organisation in Mozambique in the field of football for social change. Over the passed years we changed and impacted the lives of 2.500,00+ young people throughout the country together with our local partner organisations.
Life is hard and opportunities are limited in the bairro’s (slums) of Mozambique, even more so for children. Formal and long-term employment is very hard to come by and many people are forced to earn a living from whatever opportunity presents itself. Parents find it difficult to provide for their children and give them opportunities to flourish. Lack of education further limits their opportunities.  In the communities of Maputo, like bairro da Polana Caniço and maxaquene,  many children grow up around (domestic) violence. Girls face even greater obstacles – the number of girls attending elementary school drops with each higher grade. Children from the Bairro often suffer from marginalisation and stigmatisation due to their perceived inferiority within society.



Not having many sports opportunities amounts to missing some of the best parts of youth and adolescence. Through sports children explore, invent and create. They also develop social skills, learn to express their emotions and gain confidence about their own capabilities. In addition to missing an elemental experience of childhood, these kids also lack the developmental benefits attributed to organized sports such as: social development, physical health and wellness, skills based education, increased academic performance, inactivity health issues and the development of personal characteristics such as leadership, community building, conflict resolution, social inclusions, cultural and social sensitivity.


Sport has some unique features to contribute to development.

Individuals everywhere are interested in sports, regardless of background, age, race, religion, gender or status. It thus provides a way to reach the Bairro youth, which are usually harder to reach. They can easily be involved, sport is visible and accessible, it offers role models and it contains intrinsic values that play an important role in society. Sports can thus be a source of inspiration, but also an effective tool in combating social problems.
“Sports has the power to change the world”
Nelson Mandela





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