The People behind Favela United are diverse, inspirational and dynamic as the game of football itself. A worldwide team, but all with the same mission, impacting and changing young lives with the tranformational power of football. More information on our team and the Favela United network is listed below.


Dylan Ingham

Chief Marketing Officer at The Student Hotel – Principal Advisor

“I feel my 20+ years’ experience of commercial & non-for-profit brands and associations, many of them global sports give me the opportunity to share this knowledge and use the learnings and contacts to accelerate the impact of Favela United. Also I believe in the founder Patrick and his vision to support lives via the game”.


Raïssa Marteaux

Ministry of Foreign Affairs – Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Côte d’Ivoire

“I’m an entrepreneurial altruist passionately devoted to working with youth. Nothing satisfies me more than contributing to the overall growth of a person, business or organisation. A strong track record of success in the non-profit world (government and NGO) are used to support Favela United. Having paired my passion and experience with a drive to create impact we transform the lives of hundreds”.

Vice- Chairman – Secretary

Zabih Etemadi

Lawyer/Partner at LOYR & Managing Partner at SportLife Management B.V.

“As a former professional footballer I share this big passion for the sport with Favela United. Besides that am I still very involved in the football world as a sport lawyer. The possibility for me to make a difference for marginalised youth worldwide drives me to be a part of the Favela United team”.

Change-Maker / Coach

Joaquina Tenbe


“Being a part of the Favela United project changed my life. I used to be very shy and didn’t have a lot of self confidence. Now I’m coaching the next generation young girls and boys in the community and I also became a referee in the official youth football competition. I feel strong, confident and respected when I walk through the community, it makes me happy and proud”.

Change-Maker / Coach

Ernesto Chipinete


The project have thought me how to be a better leader and how to deal with the children.  I give the children the space to be critical on me, this criticism makes me grow as a coach and as a person. I miss them when I’m not on the field with them, they bring me lot’s of joy and happiness”.

Founder / Executive Director

Patrick Hoep

Former football player SC Heerenveen / Netherlands National team U20

“Football changed my life In so many ways. I hope that I can inspire lots of youth and people from the communities to become local change makers for the next generation of children and support them to receive the essential life changing skills, education and tools to create a better future for themselves and their community. By putting all my passion and effort in the work I do, I hope to leave great moments of happiness and success stories for the children and community at large.”

Field Coordinator / Head Coach

Jair Uamba

Coordinator at Campo 7de Abril, Bairro da Polana Caniço

“Since the beginning of our program, there are lots of positive changes in the community of Polana Caniço. The PC Community used to have a bad image and had the name of being a criminal neighborhood, this due to the high rate of criminal attacks, violence and substance abuse. Our sports for development program went all in against the problems in the community. By involving the whole community in our programs we were able to reduce the level of violence and drug and alcohol abuse. You can see that our football for change program  has a positive effect on the behavior of the young boys and girls immediately. We are very happy to see that more and more young girls and women  are involved in our program as well. We fight for inclusion and equal chances for everyone”.

Change-maker / Coach

Eduardo Manguana

Program Coordinator Maputo United / Board of Directors

Favela United changed my life and for many others. I’ve grown very much as a person and I’m  grateful to be part of the Favela United family and to achieve real goals with the project. Every day I’m  learning new things and I’m sure that, with the FU project we can impact the lives of thousands of other children from these communities

Change-Maker / Coach

Jonas Ernesto Banze


I started as participant in the Favela United project where I learned a lot and gained new life skills. Through these positive experiences I also became a coach and now I’m working with the next generation youth in the community. When I’m with the kids it gives me peace and joy, I feel valuable for my community”.

Managing partner and on spot marketing

Eduardo Monteiro


“The Favela United concept of creating impact on the communities and youths through football made me eager to be part of the project and use my 10+ years of experience in marketing in Mozambique to increase the reach of the program. It’s an amazing opportunity to help develop young change agents and learn with them every day”.


Felicienne Minnaar

Former football player FC Twente and Arsenal / The Netherlands National youth team

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Reza Ghoochannejhad

Professional Football player and World Cup hero for Team Iran

“The youth is the future of this world and we have to make sure we are giving them the best opportunities so they can pass this on to their children, generation after generation”.
Inspiration and motivation are issues that we have to create for the youth in Mozambique. It’s very important to guide the kids in the right direction and that’s why this project is a good initiative to help the youth to fulfill their dreams.“


Media and Communications

Ruth Embaye

Mobile & content at The Student Hotel

“Culture may very well be one of those universal truths that fosters connections and propels them forward. I believe in the simple idea that people have many things in common, and given the opportunity, they will explore their common interests and spark collaborations to address the major issues of today. I want to make things that have an impact and change the way we look at the world. I have experience working for tech-start-ups, media, creative industries, hospitality and in combination with my degree in Global Politics and International Relations I hopefully can make a little contribution in making the world a better place along the way. Fundamentally, at the heart of each project and job undertaken in the past, lies my passion for people and community and to encourage stories to be created and shared – Stories that matter, that provoke, that have impact”.


Luis Leite & Sofia Moleiro

Founders and Directors of Viajar a Dois

“Coming Soon!!”.

Public Relations

Sarah Wilkin

Managing Director at Circular Economy Consulting

I have a personal belief in doing sport for all sorts of good including fitness, motivation, improvement of mental health and well being as well as being a driver for personal change, so when asked to help out Favela United out I was more than happy to and will continue to support their efforts. It was also very fun being part of the Inclusive World Cup unlike watching Croatia beat England 2-1 on 11th July :)”.

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Community mother / Chief de Cuisine


Mother of four girls & Community entrepreneur nutrition sector

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Project Coordinator

Leyla Martinho


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Community Sister / Cuisine

Nuesa Maria

Daughter of Angelica & student

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Community Mother / Cuisine


Mother of two boys and one girl & Community entrepreneur Textile sector

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